What is a CCMS?

A Child Care Management System (CCMS) is a powerful software application designed to streamline operations for child care providers. This comprehensive tool offers features like attendance tracking, billing, parent communication, staff scheduling, and child development monitoring. By using a CCMS, providers can enhance their efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and elevate the quality of care provided to children.

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CCMS Quick Facts

Indiana's State-Funded CCMS Program

To support early child care and learning providers in implementing systems to support business best practices, The Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning’s (OECOSL) is offering a Child Care Management System (CCMS) program in partnership with SPARK Learning Lab.

Selected CCMS Vendors

Discover the top CCMS vendors offering free licenses for two years!

  • Alliance CORE powered by Early Learning Ventures
  • brightwheel
  • Playground

Additionally, current subscribers to these vendors can also benefit: their subscriptions will be covered for two years by the State and will then transition to the State’s negotiated pricing for the subsequent two years.

SPARK Learning Lab CCMS Support

SPARK Learning Lab is committed to supporting providers in implementing a Child Care Management System (CCMS) successfully. We offer a range of technical assistance options, including help desk support, individual and group coaching, and a menu of resources related to CCMS. These resources cover technology adoption, implementation of interoperable CCMS data systems, and support for program business operations and management. 

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