If you have the fuel, we’ve got your SPARK.



Coaches will still be available for visits, just like before. With SPARK, they’ll be available online too. You’ll have an entire team of coaches for an entirely new level of personal and group support.

Professional Learning Communities

Coaches will lead new learning communities where you can learn and develop with other early education and care professionals just like you. Need advice and assistance with Professional Development or Quality Improvement plans? Just let us know.

Content Specialists

Keep the lights on with training and support in licensing, operations, staffing, and business management. Keep them burning brightly with valuable new skills in family engagement, inclusion, and education. From infant to school-aged and every age between, our content specialists are some of the most empowering experts in the industry.

Virtual Learning

We know the time commitment you make to provide the best care. That’s why so much of what we offer will be online: Training from Indiana Learning Paths, instructional videos, video conferencing, webinars and more will be available on the web.

Location Learning

In certain situations, it’s hard to beat the dynamics of gathering in one location. Each SPARK regional facility will offer unique opportunities to gather and discuss a broad variety of subjects.

Cohort Learning

Joining a cohort is a lot like joining a rock band. A small group of experts in their field gather and, using their unique expertise, work to make each member the best they can be. The biggest difference is early education and care cohorts are usually a lot less noisy than rock bands. SPARK will have lots of great opportunities to “join the band.”

Town Square Icon

Town Square

Family home programs are a vital element in the quality of early education and care in Indiana. Town Square is an online environment designed for family home programs and their unique challenges. Town Square is a grand opportunity to share with and support other home-based early education professionals just like you. You’ll also find a lot of great resources, like tip sheets, activity ideas, templates and more.


The best insights and instruction start with the best understanding of you and what you do. Your unique experiences–and the wisdom you have gained from them–is everyone’s most valuable resource. 

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