Fall in Love with SPARK Group Coaching!

SPARK Group Coaching Cohorts are virtual coaching opportunities for programs to gain knowledge around various topics with the help of a Coach and Peers. These virtual coaching sessions cover topics including Paths to QUALITY™ Level Advancement, Paths to QUALITY™ Level Maintenance and Infant Toddler. Each group coaching cohort is 2-3 months long and an excellent opportunity to learn and ask questions from a coach and a small group of colleagues!

Learn and grow in a collaborative environment with like-minded providers on similar paths to improving their programs with high-quality care and education.

Explore more than 10 different Group Coaching Cohorts offered between October and November 2023. Group Coaching Cohorts currently offered begin in October. November coaching opportunities will be made available at a later date.


Is SPARK Group Coaching for me?

SPARK recommends Group Coaching Cohorts for:

  • Family Childcare owners or directors
  • Child Care Center or Ministry owners or directors
  • Administrators/Principals
  • Educational leadership individuals
  • New program leaders
Program Leaders wanting to offer high-quality care, education and learn more; advance in Paths to QUALITY™; or explore ways to enhance an Infant Toddler environment could benefit from participating in a SPARK group coaching cohort.

Enhance Child Development and Family Growth: A PEER-Centered Approach

Family education plays a pivotal role in early childhood by fostering involvement, creating a supportive learning environment, and promoting well-being and success of children as they grow into school-agers. Family growth and development empowers families with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective partners in their child’s educational and social emotional journey. PEER Group Learning enhances the efforts towards accreditation for family engagement by creating collaborative relationships and encouraging family involvement in the program and home setting. The Power of PEER is a family engagement approach to getting families excited about what you are doing in your learning environment, and making those connections in the home!

This seven-week learning series will introduce you to the Power of PEER, how to bring PEER into your program and learning environments, and how to connect families with one another to learn from and share about PEER. You will also receive FREE Activity Cards and PEER books to support high-quality family-child interactions and 6 training hours.

Paths to QUALITY™ and Accreditation Group Coaching

Individuals who would like to offer high-quality care and education and learn more or advance in Paths to QUALITY™, or learn how to begin the Accreditation process could benefit from participating in a SPARK cohort. Cohorts meet weekly with Paths to QUALITY cohorts meeting for 6 weeks and Accreditation cohorts meeting for 10 weeks.

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