SPARK Group Coaching

SPARK Group Coaching is a virtual coaching opportunity for programs to gain knowledge around various topics with the help of a Coach and Peers. These virtual coaching sessions cover topics including Infant Toddler, Paths to QUALITY™ Level Advancement, Paths to QUALITY™ Level Maintenance, Active Supervision and PEER Group Learning. Each group coaching opportunity is 2-3 months long and an excellent opportunity to learn and ask questions from a coach and a small group of colleagues!

Learn and grow in a collaborative environment with like-minded providers on similar paths to improving their programs with high-quality care and education.

Registration is now open for May 2024 Group Coaching Opportunities!


Is SPARK Group Coaching for me?

SPARK recommends Group Coaching Cohorts for:

  • Family Childcare owners or directors
  • Child Care Center or Ministry owners or directors
  • Administrators/Principals
  • Educational leadership individuals
  • New program leaders
Program Leaders wanting to offer high-quality care, education and learn more; advance in Paths to QUALITY™; or explore ways to enhance an Infant Toddler environment could benefit from participating in a SPARK group coaching cohort.

Paths to QUALITY™ and Accreditation Group Coaching / Paths to QUALITY™ y cohortes de acreditación

Individuals who would like to offer high-quality care and education and learn more or advance in Paths to QUALITY™, or learn how to begin the Accreditation process could benefit from participating in a SPARK cohort. Cohorts meet weekly with Paths to QUALITY cohorts meeting for 6 weeks and Accreditation cohorts meeting for 10 weeks.

PTQ Level 3 Advancement for Homes: Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. ET from May 30 to June 27

PTQ Level 3 Advancement for Facilities: Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. ET from May 21 to June 25

PTQ Avance de nivel 3 (en Español): martes a 1 p.m. ET de 14 de mayo a 18 de junio

Infant Toddler Group Coaching

Join us for an opportunity to enhance your infant/toddler environment by participating in a group coaching forum among your peers!

At the end of our group learning sessions, program leaders will have a plan to enhance their interactions and environment and be able to explain the advantages of having an appropriate environment for infants and toddlers. Through peer-to-peer learning and coaching, participants will develop and/or implement a plan to enhance their interactions and environments with infants and toddlers at the end of the five weeks together.

Infant Toddler: Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. ET from May 23 to June 20

Español bebés y niños pequeños: jueves a 6 p.m. ET de 16 de mayo a 13 de junio


Active Supervision

Join our Active Supervision Group Coaching program to enhance child care safety and well-being! This five-week program empowers program leaders with the knowledge and strategies for implementing high standards of active supervision. Each session focuses on a specific aspect of active supervision, fostering collaboration and guided discussion among child care professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your practical understanding and application of active supervision principles!

Active Supervision for Homes: Mondays at 1:30 p.m. ET from June 3 to July 1

Active Supervision for Facilities: Mondays at 1:30 p.m. ET from  May 20 to June 24

Enhance Child Development and Family Growth: A PEER-Centered Approach

Join our PEER group learning opportunity to empower families and support children’s growth! The Power of PEER is a family engagement approach that creates connections between families and your learning environment. In this seven-week series, you’ll learn about PEER, how to implement it in your program, and how to connect families with each other. Plus, you’ll receive FREE Activity Cards and PEER books to enhance parent-child interactions. Don’t miss this chance to become an effective partner in your child’s educational journey!

Group Learning for Homes: Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. ET from May 21 to July 2

Group Learning for Facilities: Tuesdays at 5 p.m. ET from May 7 to June 18

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