Indiana’s Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System

What is Paths to QUALITY™?

Paths to QUALITY™ gives families an easy to recognize tool for selecting a child care program. Families can look for the Paths to QUALITY™ logo to determine what level their provider has achieved. Each level builds on the foundation of the previous one, resulting in significant quality improvements at each stage and in national accreditation at the highest level. The system validates child care programs for ongoing efforts to achieve higher standards of quality and provides incentives and awards for success.

The four levels address:

  • Level One: Health and safety needs of children met
  • Level Two: Environment supports children’s learning
  • Level Three: Planned curriculum guides child development and school readiness
  • Level Four: National accreditation (the highest indicator of quality) is achieved

Why join Paths to QUALITY™?

  • Paths to QUALITY™ or PTQ helps hoosier parents and caregivers identify high-quality programs. (Like yours!)
  • It identifies four levels of high-quality care and establishes the requirements to meet those levels
  • It provides incentives to advance to the next level of care
  • It provides a referral system that helps parents locate participating Paths to QUALITY™ providers

Best of all, Paths to QUALITY™ is a free resource, and it’s easy to do! 

Learn more about Paths to QUALITY™ supports from SPARK!

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