The purpose of the SPARK Statewide Advisory Council is to strategically aid, advise and collaborate on technical assistance (TA) support and approaches for early childhood education programs in Indiana. The Statewide Advisory Council consists of 10-15 members. Membership selections are made to ensure the Council is representative of each region. SPARK endeavors to ensure that Members are geographically, racially, and linguistically diverse, reflecting the early childhood and out of school time workforce in Indiana, and represent the following:

  • Early childhood education programs: Both teachers and directors who represent all program types at various quality levels (i.e., not enrolled in PTQ, enrolled in PTQ but not progressing, and advancing in PTQ, etc.);

Essential Functions of Statewide Advisory Council Members

Members of the Councils are expected to fulfill the following roles during their 2-year term:

  1. Provide information, advice, and other counsel to SPARK regarding services and needs within their SDA to achieve quality, relevant, and responsive supports for the child care providers of Indiana.
  2. Review materials shared by the SPARK team prior to each meeting. Prepare in advance for decision-making and recommendation formation.
  3. Make recommendations to be shared with SPARK Learning Lab and partners utilizing your own perspective and the feedback provided by your community in an effort to make a more effective system for those closest to children and their families.
  4. Attend an orientation session at the beginning of each year.
  5. Attend any meetings requested by SPARK Leadership, either in-person or virtually, depending on the meeting type.
    1. Failure to attend 50% of the meetings shall result in a review by the Project Director and Outreach Coordinator for possible termination of the member’s appointment.
  6. Function as an Ambassador of SPARK Learning Lab and the early education and care community by representing programs and stakeholders in the member’s geographical area in advising and collaborating with SPARK on how TA services can best be delivered within the SDA.
  7. Be accessible for personal contact in between meetings, if needed.
  8. Promptly respond, preferably within two business days, to communications regarding the Statewide Advisory Council.

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