SPARK Learning Lab’s goal is to provide the best support possible to Indiana’s early childhood education and care professionals who work everyday to improve the lives of Hoosier children and families. 

In order to achieve this goal we need input from professionals like you! The SPARK Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) provide vital feedback to ensure the success of our technical assistance approach. 

Each of the RACs represent one of the state’s five Service Delivery Areas (SDAs) allowing members to provide insight on the successes and pain points of providers in their area of the state.

Councils provide feedback and recommendations to SPARK on:

  • Format and methods of technical assistance support
  • Areas where programs need support
  • Soliciting feedback from other programs in their region
  • Program and policy development

Council member responsibilities include:

  • Attend quarterly RAC meetings for your region
  • Provide information, advice, and other counsel to SPARK regarding services and needs within your SDA
  • Review materials shared by the SPARK team prior to each quarterly meeting
  • Make recommendations to be shared with SPARK Learning Lab and partners
    Function as an Ambassador of SPARK Learning Lab
  • Read the complete position description here

Each RAC is comprised of 10-15 members who serve for two years. Membership selections are made to ensure the Councils are representative of each region. Stakeholder groups represented by members include:

  • Early childhood education programs: Both teachers and directors who represent all
    program types at various quality levels, including programs that are enrolled or not enrolled in Paths to Quality.
  • Local subject matter experts, such as higher education professionals
  • Community leaders working in the early childhood education sector


The purpose of the SPARK RACs is to strategically aid, advise and collaborate on technical assistance (TA) support and approaches for early childhood education programs in Indiana. The Councils provide feedback and recommendations to SPARK Learning Lab, and the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning (OECOSL).

Each of the five service delivery areas (SDAs) have their own RAC.

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SPARK releases an RAC application each summer. If you are interested in joining the Council in your SDA, go to the RAC website page  and complete the online application. SPARK will review all the applications and share membership selection information by early September.

  • A selection committee made up of several SPARK staff reviews the submitted applications using a scoring rubric. The selection committee shares a recommended list of members with OECOSL for approval.
  • Considerations during the selection process include: professional experience, education, geographic representation, program type representation, and program standing (previous violations, etc.).

Each of the RACs are composed of 10-15 voting members.

  • Members of the RACs are expected to attend all Council meetings for their SDA, which take place on a quarterly basis. Members are also expected to participate in two one-hour virtual on-boarding meetings, in September.
  • Members are expected to actively participate in the meetings by asking questions and providing feedback and recommendations.
  • Outside of meetings, RAC members are asked to function as ambassadors of SPARK Learning Lab by sharing SPARK resources with their local network.

Beginning in 2020-2021, all RAC members will serve 2-year terms.

Each RAC meets quarterly for two hours. RACs may occasionally have check-in calls or ad hoc meetings in addition to these quarterly meetings. All meetings include a virtual call-in option, but members are encouraged to attend in person when possible.

No, anyone is welcome to attend or call-in to the quarterly RAC meeting in their SDA!

Yes! Each RAC meeting includes time for comments and questions from the public.

Regional Advisory Councils by SDA

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