Introducing SPARK
Learning Lab

As your new statewide technical assistance provider for Indiana early childhood education programs, SPARK Learning Lab is dedicated to advancing the quality of Indiana early education and care.

You support Hoosier children and families. Let SPARK support you!


You’re there at the beginning.

You instruct. You inspire.

You know what you give today could be passed on for generations. That’s why you decided to become an early education professional. But early education and care is evolving and improving faster than ever. 

That’s why we created SPARK!

SPARK a partnership.

Ready to get started with SPARK? Whether it’s completing the Indiana Self-Assessment Tool, joining Town Square, attending a training, or just calling the Help Desk to ask a question, there’s no wrong way to start your journey.

SPARK has expert coaches and content specialists to provide support and guidance along the way.

Online, you can participate in live seminars and training sessions, and learn at your own pace with online tutorials and instructional videos. 

We want you to be a partner as well as a participant. Let’s start a partnership.

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