Are you ready to SPARK change for your program?

We know at this time the road ahead might look uncertain. The I-SAT is a great way to understand where you are now and create a road map for the future. Taking the self-assessment helps to identify the specific resources your program needs to restart, rebuild, and continue your quality improvement journey. 

Starting your I-SAT Journey is easy:

  • To get started with the I-SAT, access I-LEAD and select 'My SPARK Learning Lab."
  • Once within My SPARK Learning Lab, select "Take the I-SAT". On the "My Profile" page, under "Program Type" select the type of care that represents the program - this will take you to the appropriate I-SAT type.
  • After entering a few additional details on the "My Profiile" page, you will encounter an overview page that provides key details on the I-SAT. From this page you can access the "I-SAT Guide" that provides an indepth overview of the I-SAT and process used by SPARK.
  • Once ready to submit your I-SAT responses to SPARK, select 'Begin Assessment'. You can complete the entire I-SAT or only the sections and quality items you would like to focus on.
  • Once complete, select "Submit Assessment" to send your responses to SPARK! The SPARK Support Team will be in contact within 5 business days to discuss your responses and create a customized support plan.

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