Are you ready to SPARK change for your program?

We know at this time the road ahead might look uncertain. The I-SAT is a great way to understand where you are now and create a road map for the future. Taking the self-assessment helps to identify the specific resources your program needs to restart, rebuild, and continue your quality improvement journey. 

Before your I-SAT session be sure to get ready for the I-SAT by taking the required pre-training “Preparing for Program Assessment”. This course, available 24-7 on ILP, will help to define what program assessment is and what it looks like in early childhood education and care. It will also give you an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and opportunities of your program and identify evidence and documentation required for a successful program assessment. 

Ready to register for the next I-SAT opportunity? Watch this video to learn how to register.

Starting your I-SAT Journey is easy:

  • Take the Preparing for Program Assessment training on Indiana Learning Paths or at an in-person training in your community
  • Go to Indiana Learning Paths to find opportunities to take the assessment
    (Watch this video to learn how to register.)
  • Complete the I-SAT
  • Receive a currated set of resources to support you in achieving your quality improvement goal
  • Prepare your Program Development Plan

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